On the lighter side, I just returned from a great bike ride near my home. Nothing like a little fresh air, sun and exercise to start the weekend. There is a wonderful trail that winds and traverses through several forest peserves near my neighborhood. There are tree tunnels where the light refracts through the leaves, small ponds and peace and quiet to be found around each bend. Above is one of the views I enjoyed: Simple, tranquil and inviting. Such environments seem to spur creativity and inspiration like this short poem I just wrote:

A perfect cloud floating by; its message unclear as it drifts up in the sky. A calm wind contemplates life’s whims. The rustle of wind in the trees – A kaleidoscope of color; then a feeling like no other: A lightness is sensed deep inside, as another summer day travels by.

Be kind, find moderation, compliment a friend or love one and above all enjoy the weekend!

John C. Bader