San clemente sunset

One night’s perspective teaches the soul creativity. My perceptions stir; in a revolving door— My thoughts are its vehicle, traversing through body and air, bringing positive energy ever so near….

Faith in energy breeds patience and love. A universe that defines light and bends time. It builds a stairway to knowledge and foresight, its starlight pulsing, reflecting the night sky above.

Daytime brings understanding, mountains apart, the cloudless sky above, the ocean’s air exhales a salty breath. My worries fly away on the wings of the day, intertwining my thoughts together for my mind to pray.

Positive manifestations, enriching light; defines who I am. It breeds relaxation, mental agility, and soaring flight.

To know is to love, to love is to be, to be is the basis that your fingers reach. An open mind earns a healthy soul, the building blocks to happiness; the key to being whole….

Day and night merge into one, on an enlightened adventure to becoming one. To being one— One with pain and the understanding of sorrow, one with triumph and happiness under the sun. A middle ground of compromise that sees the evening shades of dusk – Not as the end of day, but as the beginning of another chapter …

Casting a golden shadow over all that is known; and all that is to be discovered. An enriching path to enlightenment, searching out the keys to life— Happiness and appreciation, the keys to Self-Actualization.

Thus, the door to a Responsive Universe……..


John C. Bader


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