Whispers from inside… What do they mean? The significance locked in the attic of the mind; an intimate spirit sealed away under life’s inhibitions. Torn pages of an unfinished story. Temporarily lost in a web of ignorance.

Chasing a sunrise….

Knowing is believing… Believing with your own eyes is faith. Pure unadulterated energy: Flowing freely. Based on truth and personal experience; hard work and perseverance.

A key to enlightenment sits in your hands. Turn the handle to unlock the door; the door of understanding. An entry that opens to more: More happiness; more knowledge; more whispers that translate the truth – your inner voice of wisdom…

Chasing a rising sun…

A truth that dictates you; your deepest desires. A means to happiness; on the side of a windy road of existence. Its path leads us past childhood; adolescent and adulthood. Our shadow of abnegation follows close behind; perseverance and determination, energy and non-duality…

…Finally catching the rising sun

John C. Bader


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