Negativity appears to be a human born trait. Why would I say that? Well, there is nothing negative about the Universe. The Cosmos which is everything that exists can be visualized as a vast concentration of quantum energy that pulses and connects across a web of particles, gravity and waves of light. In universal terms birth gives way to death and thus facilitates re-birth. Stars born from hydrogen gas will eventually die and exhale their tired gases to form new stars. Humans will also be born and then die – There is nothing negative about that concept. Yet, negativity does exist here on Earth. Born from human emotions and driven from ego, in some facet, we all harbor our own negativity – some worse than others. Unfortunately, it is a grim facet of our existence –driven by money, jealously, anger and greed, negativity in some form has existed since humans began walking this Earth.

Even the unfettered honesty and innocence of a young child can be molested by negativity. Child abuse is a good example of passing on such dysfunction. Social pressures and ego only seem to ratify and reinforce such behaviors. I personally have had several negative defining experiences in my childhood. Such negative experiences can affect us at the core of our being and mature and grow with us into adulthood. I will use a broad model that we can all base experience on: These negative experiences that I endured as a child continued to affect my self esteem all the way into high school. The control patterns that I harbored (hardwired learned behaviors) would morph from one psychological issue to another. Just when I thought I got my self-esteem under control, a new issue arose; an inflated ego. Unknowingly, I replaced my fear and low sense of self worth with a false sense of security. I fed my ego which in turn self gratified my need for acceptance.  For me, low self-esteem was the main problem but feeding my ego simply masked the problems that were still rooted to my childhood. It makes one wonder if ego really is the root of all negativity.

We are all faced with such challenges: Child abuse is just the beginning for some. When we look at the world as a whole, what do we see? A lot of suffering! Once we can let go of our egos, there is a fundamental desire fix the world. Yet, in order to do that, we need to fix ourselves first. We need to realize that negative issues can be affecting us as individuals on many unseen levels. Everyone has witnessed a myriad of positive and negative experiences that have shaped us to some degree. You must realize, however, that the shadows of the past may be concealing an enigma that is influencing your future and perhaps even the futures of others around you. For me, I noticed that anger and frustration began to surface as an adult and later as a parent. This frustration born from ego and control patterns was directly related to how I was raised as a child. Still, I acknowledged a trigger of awareness. This awareness came when I felt frustrated and angry. I used this as a trigger of mindfulness to stop and not react blindly. I directed my attention to the vastness of my True Nature; a place within us all that is boundless, constant and dependable.  Now, I have learned to make space for such control patterns that facilitate anger and frustration. When I realized I was heading down a path of dysfunction, I made a positive change in my actions. Instead of reacting blindly and reinforcing old patterns of behavior, I changed my actions for the better. I broke the chain of dysfunction by connecting to a higher level of awareness.

Next, I am going to talk about space and how it relates to us as individuals: The space that surrounds us and also the space within the mind – there lies the key to creating more happiness and less negativity.


John C. Bader


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