I have noticed that when being mindful of my surroundings, inspiration and inner wisdom seems to flow. Just this morning I disembarked on a brisk morning bike ride. The sun was out and the blue sky above was streaked with white wisps’ of clouds. As I rode into the local nature preserve near my home, I was immersed in all the glory of autumn. I love fall here in the Midwest: The vibrant colors of red and orange as wild maples turn the corner to winter. Leaves fall like butterflies as I ride under the color of the forest canopy. The smells of cinnamon and dew permeate my senses as the chilly air refreshes my face…

The entire experience sort of got me thinking about the seasons and how they may relate to life. The quality of nature can reveal many secrets when we stop for a moment and settle into our surroundings. When you think of summer, you may think of warmth, life and greenery. As autumn arrives so do the many colors of nature – it is almost a grand finale of sorts – a celebration before the cold grey qualities of winter befall us. Winters here in Chicagoland can be brutal: Snow, ice and below freezing temperatures almost metaphorically represent an ending; an ending to summer and all that is warm and alive. Still, we can have confidence in the fact that spring will emerge and with it a birth of new life.

Autumn it seems offers us a promise – a promise of a new beginning. I tweeted this while out riding my bike a few mornings ago: “What does Autumn represent? The celebration and ending of a cycle with the promise of rebirth? With every ending there is a beginning… “ And this notion is so true. As with anything in life, there will be a beginning and an ending. Life and death represents that concept. When we visualize the Universe as vast and boundless, what qualities are representative? Well, the birth and life of stars, followed by their eventual cessation – then a rebirth as new stars form the tired gases of deceased stars. It is seems everything has cycles and exhibits a quality of relativity.

Life it seems is a revolving door. We were born from existing energy, we will eventually return to energy. Based on what my inner wisdom tells me, we are here to live and learn to love; to make the right decisions and to teach others the path of enlightenment so that we can evolve as humans; when I see the autumn leaves begin to fall revealing the naked branches underneath. When I see the green of summer dry up and decay, I see a promise of something new. So it seems, even old age and death represent merely a transition. We can celebrate the fall season as not an ending to something, but a transition to something new and fresh – a new beginning. And it is this wisdom which can translate qualities into all facets of life.

John C. Bader


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