Last summer I disembarked on a road trip across America in search of Energy Vortexes. An energy vortex is a unique place where the energies found here on Earth actually gather in a specific area or region. Throughout the ages people have spoke of such places which include Stonehenge in England, the Uluru-Kataijuta rock in Australia and the Pyramids of Egypt.  My focus was to visit special places of beauty and through mindfulness and on-site meditation attempt to connect to something bigger than ordinary life. The results were amazing! Throughout my trip I visited the Great Plains, the Maroon Bells atop the Rocky Mountains, the canyons of Utah, enchanting Sedona and the Pacific Ocean. All of these regions hold natural beauty that can harness amazing and unique energies that surround us. From my experience, the more beautiful and unique a place, the more energy it seems to hold. There is something grand that sits just below the surface of our ordinary reality; something pure and remarkable exists underneath the controlled chaos that is our ordinary lives.

After two weeks and 4830 miles, I came to a theorized conclusion: So, it seems the concept of God as it relates to the Universe and the concept of energy as it relates to Cosmos is already found within us. Places of beauty like the Maroon Bells and Sedona only help us connect to this dynamism with more vigor and intensity. Still, I want to take this experiment a step further. The rigors of travel, though exciting and memorable, took a physical and emotional toll on me. Driving thousands of miles in search of natural beauty and energy was enriching but exhausting. The next step was easy enough: I wanted to pick one amazing place of beauty and simply settle into the energy and simplicity of the experience. No hotels, no fancy dinners; just basic lodging, simple subsistence, unadulterated beauty and serenity; a relaxing meditative retreat that would ring in the New Year: Intense self-reflection, reiki, meditation and hopefully profound awareness and clarity. Who knows what might arise from within? Much needed relaxation? A stronger connection with nature and all things tangible and intangible? Perhaps a higher level of responsiveness? Maybe a new awakening?

I leave on Christmas Day….

Next week I will reveal my intended destination and also how to follow me as I hike mountainous canyons, explore desolate beaches and settle into a much anticipated meditative retreat.

John C. Bader


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