What is it in life that everyone searches for, especially during the Holidays? I mean, are we put on this Earth to simply procreate and die? Where is the festive holiday spirit in that? Sorry if I am being too deep and philosophical days before Christmas – Truth be told, I resonate more with Buddhism than any other prescribed faith, yet the trappings of Christianity surround me. Still my thoughts transgress; the odds that conscious life evolved here on Earth is incredibly rare. There lies the true Christmas miracle. We should consider ourselves a magnificent anomaly.  And knowing there is a bigger vision out there – this connection to the Universe and all that exists, begs the question: What is my purpose here on Earth? Is there a purpose? It is no wonder religion was invented.

I must confess, I am being a little dramatic. I have had a bad cold and fever the last couple days and I feel my energy levels are a bit low. I actually know the answer to this question and I explain it in detail in my upcoming 2012 book release, The Responsive Universe. Still, even after a spiritual awakening I experienced several years ago, and my constant thirst to know and understand, I still feel I am far from evolving to where humans are intended to advance – we all are missing the mark as a collective species. I find it exasperating that we are given this gift of conscious life and yet on a global scale we fight over our differences instead of celebrating our commonality. Even during the days leading up to Christmas, people are exploiting those final dollars in their bank accounts to buy presents – money they really do not have. Seems like we are missing the point of Christmas? What is this social pressure that sends us shopping, especially here in America? There is not much I agree with when it comes to Christianity. Except this: I wish they would put the CHRIST back in Christmas and get us away from all this commercialism. Sure, I loved it as a child, but as an adult, it is a little like indentured servitude. don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the Xmas lights!

It is difficult to contemplate our place in the Universe when we are buried in the feverish pace of the Holidays. For many it is too much to ever contemplate. I know many people who are simply comfortable with reality TV, paying down Christmas credit card debt and adhering to blind faith. Ignorance is bliss, right? I am not one of those people. For this reason, I am bucking social tradition and sweeping my wife and son off the North American continent for two and half weeks of tropical relaxation. To the shock of many in my family, we are catching a 9am flight on Christmas morning and traveling 5000 miles west of Chicago to a lush island paradise. It is sort of a “ holiday season radical sabbatical”. Truthfully, I need a break from the holidays.

For my wife and I, we are both going in search of answers or at least hints to where the next steps in life reside. With job, family and the static of life muddling clarity, it is difficult to stop everything and simply listen to yourself breathe – and from deep within take heed to your inner voice. For me, I am looking forward to turning off the cell phone and settling into the simplicity of my own meditative thoughts – who knows what creativity and insight will arise from within. I know my wife is looking for her own clues to what comes next in her existence. Annamarie is at a transition in career and life and is hoping that inspiration and empowerment will arise from desolation and simplicity. For my ten year old son, simplicity could be his biggest enemy – or maybe his best friend? 16 days without cable TV and Xbox? The kid is going to go into shock! No hotels, no fancy dinners, laundry pinned on a clothes line, epic sunsets, unimaginable stars and the painted stoke of the Milkyway at night.

We leave in 4 fours days – Happy Holidays!

John C. Bader

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Twitter: @JohnCBader
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