Okay, okay… where am I?

Oh yeah, here we go… toothbrush, check!

Extra contact lenses; check!

Paid the monthly bills and actually have money left over for my trip; check!

Curious… I think I am in a Holiday whirlwind of festival lights and controlled chaos… With Christmas knocking yet again on the door of life, I am prepared to buck tradition and do something completely different this year:

Bodyboard and fins packed?  Check!

Lap top to blog from afar… Check!

Here is a recent shot of my front yard. By the way, it was 20 degrees F. this morning in Chicagoland. Brrrrrr….

Right now I am wearing an Aloha shirt with penguins barbecuing under palms trees adorned with Christmas lights. Who says I am not in the Xmas spirit? Spiked eggnog? Check!

Camera with extra batteries; check!

This is where I am traveling to on Christmas Day… The western most reaches of the United States:

Tis the season isn’t it?. My Birthday is actually the day after Christmas. It’s hard to compete with Jesus; yes you can feel sorry for me and yes I was screwed out of presents.

I have found that people are nicer on Christmas…

People are normally tired and hung over on my Birthday.

I think my favorite Holiday is New Years… I like that concept of “out with the old and in with the new”.  You kind of get a clean slate to start over. Last year I was a “Pirate looks at looking Forty” (I love that song by Jimmy Buffett). 2012 is going to be the year “That anything is Possible”.  I like adding a theme to my New Years expectations. Granted it is a little narcissistic, but it sets a bench mark that allows me the entire year in which to fulfill my destiny. This year I will be ringing in the New Year in simplistic tropical desolation. My 2012 expectations are left in the optimistic hands of the Universe. All I am going to do is be a little more patient, be more compassionate and hopefully karma will do the rest…

I hope your Christmas Holidays are wonderful and you find yourself in the arms with someone you love.

As for me?  Well, back to packing…

Sunblock? Check!

Hiking shoes? Check!

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