Welcome to Kauai….

I have been immersed in the Kauai lifestyle for over a week now. I ushered in Christmas with a flight across land and sea to find Oahu for a simple holiday dinner; later the channel crossing to Kauai where I just celebrated the New Year. For those of you that have never been to Hawaii for New Years – well, let’s just say they literally blow the island up with fire crackers and other incendiary devices. A smokey, sulfur cloud shrouded the island as the clock struck twelve.

My visit here to the garden island is more unique than previous vacations. This time there is no manicured time shares, no fancy hotels or maid services. No resort living and expensive dinners at five-star restaurants. Most vacations it seems are simply diversions from the sometimes chaotic lives we live. We hide from the challenges and stress of home only to return to the same problems and dysfunctions.  Some of us leave sun burnt and left to pay off the credit card and wonder if the trip was really worth it. For me, I wanted to face all my fears, inhibitions and challenges head on. I brought my baggage of issues and maladies to one of the most beautiful places in the world. A place where I can strip down the layers of influence and conditioning that covers me and grind down my being to basic subsistence strategies.

My wife and son joined me on this adventure. There have been some challenges for all of us. I think my wife is a little tired of the absence of a functional kitchen and bugs that crawl on her and leave bites in the middle of the night. My son has actually done quite well without Xbox and cable TV – though trying to find him food that he likes has been a test – there is a shortage of chicken nuggets on this side of the Island. For me, my focus was to say good-bye to 2011 and meditate my way into 2012. I wanted to clear the slate and center myself in way that would allow me to usher in only positive energy for the New Year. I have a lot to be excited about – my new book, The Responsive Universe will be released this summer and with it an entirely new vision of life and self-evolution.

Here is a snap shot of a typical day for me here in Kauai…

Wake up at 5am to the sound of roosters. I begin meditation and self-healing that leads well into the 6am hour. As night gives way to light, the birds begin to sing which is a sign my meditation is near complete.

A breakfast of juiced fresh fruit and hot black coffee greet my palette.

Then it is laundry hour and the freshly washed clothes are hung on the clothes line to dry in the tropical sun.

Now, it is off to the beach for a day of relaxation and contemplation.  There is something about how the mind operates when there is nothing to do but watch the day mature. Once obscured perspectives can arise from within and clarity can be actualized. I have reached a level of relaxation and awareness I have not felt in a while.

I have been bodyboarding as well – a sport and lifestyle I have enjoyed for decades. Unfortunately, I met my maker on New Year’s Eve: It was a head high wave that sucked out right on the beach sand at Brenneckes– you could have parked a small car in the tube that hollowed out like a translucent cylinder near the shore. As the wave roared and bellowed its final fury, I was flipped upside down like a rag doll and compressed into the bottom of the ocean like grapes smashed on concrete. The result;  a separated shoulder and lots of excruciating pain. The good news is that I did not break any bones.

The evenings are reserved to the epic sunsets that weave vibrant color and celebration as the day comes to an end. Bed calls early after a light, simple dinner and another day in paradise is complete.

(I have to apologize – due to a weak internet signal, I am unable to load images into the blog)

With ants crawling all over my montitor, it is time to publish this blog and shut down – Aloha


John C. Bader