It is as if time has ceased here on Kauai. And then it feels as if time really does not matter in the grand scheme of things. Sure there is a dawn and a sunset – evidence of a new day passing. But much it seems remains the same: The trade winds blow, birds sing and life seems to move on with or without you. We are just shadows cast on another sunny day in the middle of the Pacific.

An old man died yesterday in the local town to the west of us.  I did not know him but he was a local here in Kauai. All his memories and love sealed on the kiss of consciousness that passed the symbolic torch from living to something unknown yet instinctually sublime. Yet, life will go on: The trade winds will continue to blow from the northeast and the sun will continue to rise and set; and that mans imprint left here in the islands will eventually be wiped clean by the sands of time.

Interesting I guess… Somehow, we are all connected to this thing called human existence. Life is a rite of passage; yet it can seem over washed and crude to be simply sponging life forms here on Earth: A boutique of bad habits, fears, instant gratification and desires. Yet, to hear the wind blow through the palm trees, the rustle of foliage and see the sun beaming through the veins of translucent leaves – to breathe in and out and feel alive right here, right now – somehow it is all enough for me.

I feel centered, reverent and despite my aching muscles and bones, I feel alive and aware. Kauai seems to accentuate this quality. Time does pass and it will continue to pass even in my absence. Still, there is a connective quality to this incredible painting of life – its colors awash with the contrasts and complexities of scenery and experience – its rough and ragged edges smoothed over by love and compassion.

As we grow older we tend to lose and gain – whether it is experiences, money, love or simply control. Today I feel connected to unexplainable synchronicities   – In control and targeted even though I do not know the future. I can’t fully explain the experience but I know it is right and that everything is as it should be. Sometimes that is enough. Today it is more than enough.

My time in Kauai is near done. I have enjoyed many meditative experiences and lessons while relaxing in the warmth of the pacific sun. Now, a week into the New Year, I am excited to see what new adventures lay ahead. I have faith that everything will work itself out and new clarity will arise from my future experiences. We all have a lot in common. We have a need for love and a desire to make a difference in life. I wish you the best of luck on your adventure and may 2012 be a great year for all of us.


John C. Bader