I have been on a little Jesus kick this week. Earlier, I discussed how religion and more importantly the Bible has been packaged and repackaged to meet the needs of few and manipulate the masses. Yes Jesus existed and he was a great man – it makes you wonder what he would think of modern theology and how it has twisted and redefined his teachings. I weighed in on the concept of Hell and Satan – human fabrications that only reinforce fear and longing within the ego and our false self. Even still, I believe God exists as it relates to the Universe.

Still, with all the hatred, pain, war, and starvation in the world, we beg the question, “Why doesn’t God do anything?” The answer, however, may be more elementary than you think. Bad things happen in the world because of bad people. Likewise, good things happen because of good people. God is not a force that operates at the cognitive human level. Humans operate at that level. Religions like Christianity want you to think God thinks at a cognitive level – in fact, modern religions like to in-vision God in the form of a man. Seriously, I can’t think of anything more egotistical and self-centered.

The Universe which is equated as the source of God operates at a level that is not fully understood. If we understood it, then there would be no problems in life. The order of God and Universe consists of energy and matter. The Universe does not have a human conscious; instead it creates an environment that allows for independent conscious thought; my thoughts and your thoughts. The power of energy and God is not found in one Supreme Being; it is an instinctual energy that is everything and everywhere. That is why all humans are connected to this dynamism. Its source allows for all possibilities within the realm of quantum physics. This is God explained rationally by science. Ever heard of the God Gene? It’s all relative…

Do you believe in miracles? The human race evolving over billions of years from a single cell – that is a miracle! Energy is created and then it changes form – this is God. Imagine God as a tapestry hung on the wall. The thread and yarn that bind this tapestry is God and the Universe. Humans are the shapes and images found on the tapestry. Further, God is like a blank canvas. Without the canvas, no shapes or images could exist. Humans are the painted shapes and images that fill a canvas. Through the power of God, we can form images and create beautiful art. Therefore, the power of God is ours to wield. We may be one example of many art forms across the Universe. As you can see, it is difficult to explain this enigma in human terms. Colorful analogies of art and expression only explain the unexplainable so well. There is a clear point when words fail to explain God. Still, the point I am trying to make is that we are tangible products of God and the Universe. This should be the common denominator from which we base our faith on. It is something constant and unchanging. God is the source of our True Nature and it is something we can depend on. No matter what race or creed we are born from, our True Nature is an indestructible trait we all possess – it defines our commonality as the human race.

God or the quantum energy of the Cosmos is inside every individual’s heart and mind. We are all made from the same celestial recipe. I guess you could say we were all created by God (or Universe) whether good or bad. If we are made from God, then why wouldn’t we be an appendage of God? It would be a real waste of time and life if we were put on this earth to walk around confused and powerless. Yet, in many ways we do walk around confused and powerless, lead by ego and false self. In most religion, there is this disconnect to the true power of God and Universe. Religion is weighted down with manmade dogma, rituals and the unnecessary. It is up to each individual to find God inside themselves and then wield that power for good. God and the Universe created us and thus we have within our power the ability to create positive energy. Karmic positive energy (the power of God) can end suffering. People, therefore, have the power within them to better the world and to create healthy lives for themselves and others. Conversely, people also have the power to manifest hate and create a living hell on Earth. Denying the fact that God does not exist within humans continues to reinforce religion with blind faith which does not create anything but inaction. Being lead by the nose creates inaction. Religion can facilitate this environment – look at the world, it is a complete mess. Is religion really meeting the needs of humans? It is up to the individual to challenge themselves and with an open mind, to establish a personal faith that connects to the bigger picture. It is up to the individual to understand their own tiers to self-actualization. It is up to each individual to find God within and then act, taking heed to our inner voice. Gone would be persecution, war, starvation and suffering when we look inward and find God. Mankind would find commonality and a kindred spirit. The future may appear unclear and foreboding, but once one realizes that the future is in our own hands, a clear path opens towards enlightenment. A weight is lifted and then there is space for everything – this is the essence of enlightenment. This is what we are striving for: Self-actualization, a higher level of human evolution.

That my friends is how we evolve in the Responsive Universe


John C. Bader


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