A day ago I tweeted an article from Cat O’Connor titled Learning to Embrace the Messiness of Life at mindbodygreen.com. By the way, check out mindbodygreen.com for great articles and wellness ideas. I write for them on occasion and love to click back often for new perspectives.

I love this article because it is fresh and light but it touches on an important subject: Learning to let go! We all have our weaknesses and shortcomings. For some it might be self-esteem or agoraphobia. For others it might be addiction or anger management issues. Maybe it is simply being unorganized? For me it is the continuous struggle between ego (false self) and my True Nature (true reality). I think we all know our shortcomings and thus, we all know where we need improvement in our daily lives.

Cat O’Connor contends that maybe we need to surrender and just celebrate our messiness – be fun and authentic. At first I disagreed because I know if I let my ego take over my life it would be a chaotic mess of hedonism and disorganization.  But if you read on, Cat contends that writing and yoga are great outlets for her where such exercises in life give her peace and inspiration, away from the messiness and chaos of life.

After thinking about it for a while, I have changed my entire perspective. In my battle between false self and true self I find that there is collateral damage. That collateral damage is me! I find that I am so hard on myself in the interest of trying to evolve and find enlightenment. I even feel guilt when I can’t find time to meditate or exercise. Is it worth the suffering?

I think we need to find a compromise in life. Yes, we need to surrender on occasion and celebrate who we are – celebrate the messiness of it all. After all, somewhere in that mess is our creativity and love for life. Still, we need to keep our focus on the final prize which is to suffer less. We need to ask ourselves if the actions we create are going to cause suffering for us or for others. Find your passion in life and make room for it as it acts as a diversion from all the chaos that exists around us. Then celebrate your messiness and relax into the notion that everything is going to be alright.

mindbodygreen.com article by John C. Bader

John C. Bader