I will say it again… If you are not happy now, you will not be happy anywhere…

I know this sounds like a strong and somewhat blatant statement. How can this proclamation cover all circumstances and situations? Well, I can only speak and write from experience and it is experience where some of my thoughts and energy arise. I certainly do not know everything, but I do know this…  We need to be happy in our core being – from the inside out or we will not find happiness anywhere. I have lived near the beach most of my life. I even moved to Hawaii for several years in search of happiness and paradise. I used to think that changing my surroundings, job and friends would change my happiness. I used to fantasize about making lots of money thinking it would bring comfort and contentment only to find suffering and frustration as my bank account and investments grew: The more money you make the bigger your problems; especially if you let your ego drive your happiness…

As a younger mirror image of my true self; instead of meeting my fears and false-self head on, I would run off to sunny places or build this materialistic world around me – surrounding myself with luxury cars and expensive toys – basking in the glow of those around me that were envious. I suppose I had it all. I had an interesting story of adventure and success but behind the façade of ego and passive narcissism was this naked and cold soul.

After an awakening I experienced years ago I came to the realization that now none of this materialistic bullshit matters. I realized that my happiness was inward, not outward. I was not going to find happiness in money, fancy things or high-profile friends.  No, happiness was in my heart and I had to search inward to find my True Nature. Trust me, money is not bad, it is how we attach ourselves to it that causes the suffering. In fact, as you center yourself in the Universe and remain karmic and true;  money will make itself. The key is not attaching your happiness to something like money that can live an up and down existence. You don’t want your happiness living a bullish and bearish life.

I have learned that in order to be happy in life you need to fix what is wrong now in the present. Isolate the things that need work and slowly make small shifts in perspective or small changes in your life that will create positive reactions in the present. Remember, the Universe is a matrix of quantum energy that connects to anything and everything that exists. You are part of that amazing dynamic and every positive thing you do for yourself and for others will return as positive energy.

It is that simple….

We can’t just move to paradise and expect everything to be great. We need to fix what is fundamentally wrong now or we will not be happy anywhere. Trust me on this, I speak from experience. Find your true inner peace and live it. Love yourself and love and respect others and soon you will find paradise no matter where you live or what you do. It is your destiny to evolve into something more sublime. Embrace your new journey to enlightenment and begin your new life now – find happiness within and everything else will fall into place. I make this promise to you and now you need to make this promise to yourself.

John C. Bader


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