Wow, I gotta say something about fast food – right here, right now!

First let me lay the landscape; I had a fast food childhood. McDonald’s or fast food was easily a weekly thing growing up.  And in college – forgetaboutit… I think I ate fast food everyday – and you know what, it was cheap and it tasted good.

Part of my continued self-improvement has been juicing every day. I have been religious with the fresh fruits and veggies for over six months. I have also cut out 80% of dairy and about 50% of meat intake. Since last Spring I have also been bike riding 20 miles on average a week. It has been tough lately with the snow on the ground but I did get a muddy ride in today – okay, now I am rambling.

Anyway, I was driving home this morning from a long business trip and I was soooo hungry. So hungry my stomach was sucking against my spine (I think George Costzana used that reference on Seinfeld, LOL).  I was traveling a desolate highway somewhere far up in Wisconsin where there is nothing but barren corn fields, snow and McDonald’s. Exit after exit I would see the Golden Arches – luring me to get off at the next off ramp. I was sooo hungry. There was no Panera Bread, no Target that sells the organic granola bars (a traveling staple for me).  Finally I succumbed to my better judgment and rolled through the drive through. I went for the breakfast burritos and I was shocked by the taste: CHEMICALS! It did not even taste real. I used to love those egg burritos. I couldn’t even finish my breakfast. Absolutely terrible…

I have been reading labels a lot lately and I am really shocked at all the synthetic crap and fake corn sugar that is in our food. No wonder there is so much diabetes and cancer. We are being poisoned! When you eat it every day, you get used to the taste. When you do not eat fast food you can really taste how processed it is. Wow, what a difference!

In my last blog I talked about positive little changes you can make in life to better ourselves. If you do not find your happiness now you are not going to find it later. Are you looking for resolutions in 2012? Start with what you ingest. Start reading labels and do not buy food that has “high fructose corn sugar” in it. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients on a box label then chances are it will eventually kill you – serious!

I think my next blog will be about wellness and what we should be eating and what we shouldn’t be eating. It is something I have focused on a lot lately in my personal life.

Well, off to juice! Have a great weekend


John C. Bader