Well, I have been up since 2am. Truthfully, I tossed and turned in bed until 3am and finally just got up. I have been lending a hand in the final editing of my book, the Responsive Universe, so I spent the greater part of the early morning looking for misspellings. My greatest fear is misspelling the word meditation – I already caught the error several times (mediation). Apparently it is an easy mistake to make. This book began as a journal of sorts and now it is this rather overwhelming project that has engulfed my creative juices for years. It is in the final editing phase and I hope to have it in print and online by late summer.

The sun is just now beginning to rise in the east. I just let the dog out and was greeted by a brisk morning breeze. It snowed a little last night and as the sun rises into clear skies, there is this beautiful reflection of pink and purple, transitioning to oranges and reds – all reflecting off the snowy landscape. With hot coffee in hand, the experience is just short of sublime.

My 10 year old son just awoke and now the day has officially begun. I am happy to say it is Saturday and I now have the entire day to enjoy. Later, it is Stars Wars, the Phantom Menace on the big screen. I grew up with Star Wars and my son has been born into the club so to speak. He has watched the movies a thousand times on DVD but this will be his first opportunity to see it on the big screen. I am looking forward to it as well.

Well, enough rambling… time to touch up the coffee…

Enjoy your weekend…

John C. Bader