For Annamarie…


An emotion that glows in our hearts

It symbolizes commitment and compromise

Two individual people joined as one

 on a windy road to eternal bliss under the sun

Life’s challenges can steer a wavering course

Inundated by stormy wind-swept waves

our love for each other shines above with sun drenched rays

Despite the dark clouds of pain and uncertainty

a vibrant rainbow arches across a bright sky

Revealing a warm tropical day

Free of doubt and remorse

Full of prosperity and love

Peace and happiness shower us from above

Twelve years ago we married and became one

My reasons for asking for your hand

have not altered once –

You are the root of my passion and desire

Trust reflects from your soft, warm eyes

Friendship and compassion exude through your affectionate smile

Another  year has passed and here we are:

Together forever…

A constant wind carries our everlasting love

Sweeping us off our feet as we breathe in the February air

As light fades to dusk

We stand hand in hand

On a beach we hold close to our hearts

Deciphering the riddles drawn in the sand

John C. Bader