Some of us find it hard to love ourselves. What does that really mean to love ourselves? It can be easy to find faults in who we think we are. Maybe you think you are unorganized or have a couple bad habits. Maybe you get stressed out easy or are taking a prescription for depression and or anxiety. Maybe you wish you ate healthier or exercised more. Maybe you do not like crowds or being the center of attention. Maybe you love being the center of attention; basking in the glow of ego and self-absorption? We tend to look at ourselves in the mirror and not approve of what we see in the reflection. All of this self-loathing is rooted to our egos and false perceptions. It makes us want to be someone else or we mentally berate ourselves as if we are unworthy and un-lovable. It is one thing to love who you are and it is a completely different thing to love what you are. There is a fundamental difference to be actualized. Our perception of who we are is rooted in societal pressures, what we see on television, in print ads, etc. Our happiness is regulated by a shallow self-esteem and the approval of others. But what about loving what we are?

There is another kind of love… In fact, there is another way to love yourself; and this other kind of love transcends all the passive chaos that envelopes our busy lives. We are products of the Universe and thus are born from quantum positive energy. There is a quality to this that is pure and unfettered. We are the sons and daughters of vibration, light and love and that is something no one can take away from you. This is our True Nature, vast, boundless and reliable. It is easy to love yourself when you look at where the source of our being is rooted (True Nature). Look up at night and marvel at the stars. Appreciate nature and the love for a pet or child. This is a love that is all powerful and unchanging. Put your confidence into this type of love and soon you will realize all of your shortcomings in life, all of your bad habits and self-loathing are just products of a self-esteem driven by ego. Such worries and deceptions will seem trivial and unnecessary once you find empowerment from an inner source.

There is nothing confident and steadfast about our egos. Much like money, the ego comes and goes and for many it regulates our happiness and suffering. The more control we take away from the ego, the more we connect to the steadfast vision that is our True Nature. Love what you are (a product of the Universe born from love and energy) and happiness and confidence will root itself in your life. Once you have this unadulterated confidence of what you are, soon your perspectives in life will change. Soon you will make little changes in life, like eating better, exercising or getting more organized. Soon, very soon, you will connect that love of what you are and who you are as one – A quality of oneness bathed under the light of self-actualization and enlightenment.

We may not be able to fully defuse the ego. As I have written before, the ego is a necessary evil on the road to evolution. Still, we can be mindful of its ills and separate its thought processes. Once you love yourself for what you are, you will begin to love yourself for who you are. Once one has reached this milestone in life, our work is not finished. Now, it is time to love others and find compassion for those still in need. Love is powerful and is the connection between the Universe and humankind.

John C. Bader

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