If you get a chance, please check out my video promo for my upcoming book release – The Responsive Universe. My ten-year old son was instrumental in setting up my modest YouTube channel and my older daughter assisted in helping convert my music files into a useable format for the short video piece. Trust me, it is nothing fancy but I think it sort of captures the energy that will drive this book – I encourage your comments.

The Responsive Universe Channel and Video

This entire writing project has been an organic process with a huge learning curve. I did get two offers from independent publishers but I declined both. My reasons are varied for my choice to self-publish. First, the royalties are ridiculously low with traditional publishers but truthfully I did not write this book to get make money. I wrote it to provide insight from a revelation or awakening I experienced years ago. Further, I would sign away all creative rights teaming up with an independent publisher which is hard to do after all the blood sweat and tears. When I started this project several years ago, my ego was still leading me by the nose. As I type now, I am excited about simply letting this book flow and prosper naturally with no true attachments to its success or failure. Writing this book has really opened my eyes to a new world. I hope when this book becomes available later this year for wide release, it will help those still lost in the controlled chaos and false perceptions that holds our lives hostage. Truthfully, it has helped me – I am a new person now.

Enjoy your weekend and hug someone you love…

John C. Bader