What is it going to take for humans to evolve socially and intrinsically? When you watch the news and read the paper, it is not hard to feel that we are stagnant in our progress as it relates to humanity and wellness. With fighting escalating in Syria, starvation in Africa and pollution running rampant in China; And what about the petty political squabbles that divide America and other countries – Are we on the golden path to enlightenment and prosperity? I guess a question to ask is this – What is our goal as humans to end suffering and live in peace and harmony? I know that kind of sounds like candy ass hippy nonsense. I know of people who would shrug and even make fun of such statements. But, isn’t that the fundamental objective for everyone? To suffer less and be happy?

In Buddhism, there is a perspective that basically states that in order for a sentient being to cease suffering; those around us also need to cease suffering.  Can you visualize a world that works together in a conscious effort to end global suffering? What if everyone had food to eat, warmth and education? What if war and persecution ceased to exist and humans joined together in commonality to celebrate our synergies and not fight over our differences? Wouldn’t we all be happier? There would be less crime, war and political differences because everyone would be striving for the same conclusion: Happiness. When those that surround you are happy, this thing called contentment is contagious. Sounds like a science fiction movie or fairy tale doesn’t it?

But, there is a fundamental problem to this utopian concept: Money and power rules the world. Philosophers and teachers like Plato and Aristotle had this figured out thousands of years ago. They even spoke of a mysterious energy called Aether that acted like a catalyst to all that exists. The amazing social and scientific gains of ancient Greece were shelved by a new religious order that shoved Europe into the dark ages – back sliding from evolutionary progress to centuries of strife and mediocrity. For over four thousand years the rich and religiously pious have held the world hostage from true social evolution.  Those that are in power – whether it be a King, Pope or President will hold on to that power at all costs. It is a footprint that has not changed since the history of man was scribed.  These days it is big money corporations that seem to be in control. To live in commonality, to share and be compassionate is a human trait, but history has shown this flower of enlightenment has been stamped out by the elite few that have ruled the world. These people gain their energy from stealing it at the expense of others. The fear of losing this power to commonality is a reinforcing control pattern that continues to reproduce century after century.

Will it ever change? Will humans socially evolve to the next level in our intended growth? I have thought long and hard about my social and biological evolution. I feel deep down in my heart that we live in a Responsive Universe. The Aether that Aristotle and Plato spoke of is the quantum energy that surrounds us and connects us with the sublime intricacies of the Cosmos. I know deep down under the stifle of social static and controlled chaos that our future evolution is dependent on commonality and happiness that extends to all reaches of the Earth. The goal of humanity is to not suffer and do good for others. Every major religion speaks of this even despite their indigenous and isolated cultural trappings.

I do not have the answers. I can only tell you what works for me. I do not like to suffer. I suffer less when I make the right decisions in life that incorporate and transcend my True Nature, karma and those around me. Compassion and love are the common denominator for our human existence.  I have found that the more I surrender to this True Nature which takes my actions and desires away from ego, I evolve and prosper. My life may be just a microcosm but living and embracing a Responsive Universe is the path of the future – my inner voice speaks the truth as it relates to me and I try to live accordingly.

John C. Bader

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