I just got back from church. It is a beautiful church that sits in the woods. I had to bike ride 5 miles to reach its sanctuary.  Most of the time I am the only one attending mass here and I am okay with that. There is no priest or pastor, just my inner voice, True Nature and reverence.  When you sit within its confines, there are about 20 large trees that reach for the sky above – their branches create the most amazing architecture as the blue sky and sun rays permeate down; vibrating shafts of light and energy that warm my face.  It must have been designed with that in mind? There are no walls or idols, just nature. A deer peers in from the edge of the forest and I can hear birds and a gentle breeze creating a spiritual symphony of music that is wonderful to listen to.  There was no sermon today because as I breathe in the cool air, I breathe out negativity, stress and ego.  I do not need a lesson about God because everything I need is already found within my heart and mind.  My focus was simply to be mindful of my surrounding and appreciate the gifts of nature we sometimes take for granted.


This was one of the many trees that

cast its shadow of grace above me


Meditative, thankful and centered… it was an awesome church service and I look forward to going back soon!

John C. Bader


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