In its simplest form, Mandala means “circle.” It is an ancient Buddhist symbol of inner space where everything is linked as one and from which the Cosmos and all its energy arises. The Mandala includes the journey of birth, life, and death. When words fail to describe a feeling, the essence of the Mandala can illustrate a concept’s nature and wisdom. Mandala’s are intrinsic to our existence: A day evolves into night only to return to day again. Planets rotate and galaxies revolve. From spring comes summer; from fall comes winter; and from life springs death…

Spring 2012

Spring represents birth – regeneration – new life and new beginnings…. We are born from energy and thus an insignificant but most eloquently conscious entity – a intrinsic part of the system that is everything.

                                                                                                        Summer 2011

Summer represents energy, life, karma, love and existence. We are now aware of our connection to the Universe. We may not understand it, but we know through space, clarity and responsiveness that we are connected to a vast and sophisticated Cosmos.

                                                                                                               Fall 2011

Fall represents beauty and wisdom, knowledge and compassion. We are here in this world as both learners and teachers. We need to be able to look in retrospect from the autumn of our lives and smile back on summer and spring. We need to be happy and satiated, alive and well…

                                                                                                    Winter 2011/2012

Winter represents an exchange in energy – from life births death… Winter may be the most alluring of the seasons – Death maybe one of the most sublime beauties yet to be discovered. Understanding the evolution of a Mandala shows us that where there is life there is death and then life again – a revolving vortex of energy where matter is not destroyed – it only changes form… From this wisdom comes an unadulterated vision of not just a mortal world littered with dogma and ego – but a vast and incomprehensible Responsive Universe….

John C. Bader

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