How do theories in bio-energy relate to us as individuals? In the Seventh Mandala of my upcoming book, The Responsive Universe, I describe a Quantum energy force that flows through the Universe. It is a positive flow of power that exists everywhere. It pulses through the Cosmos and creates new life. We can manifest our own positive reactions through positive thought and actions, thus creating a new dynamism that echoes through our lives. This dynamism helps us recognize and connect to our True Nature. Being unbalanced, wrought with negativity obscures our True Nature.   A helpful model to understanding this premise is what I call the Circle Theory:


Imagine a circle of energy. In the center of the circle is a form of Self-Actualization (remember Self- Actualization differs for each individual). Here in the center, positive Quantum energy is at its most powerful level. By being centered, or self-actualized, you can attain new knowledge by thinking and living with an open mind. This requires your mind to be rooted in the present. You are able to think for yourself and can successfully weed through societal conformity and be a true individual. To be centered is to have an intimate faith in God (or the Universe) and to believe in your own theological principles based upon your own life conclusions. To be centered is to understand your childhood and upbringing, so that when you make new actions in your life, they are not based on earlier negative models of behavior (control patterns). To be centered is to tap into positive energy –creating good karma and positive thoughts. By channeling positive energy into your life, you will create a feeling of bliss and even euphoria. On the outsides of this circle, lie the ills waiting in the shadows to knock you off-balance and away from the center, away from Self-Actualization. These ills include low self-esteem, addiction, fear, hate, greed, jealousy, and conflict – many attributes of our ego.

As we wrestle with daily life, challenges repeatedly confront us—stress, relationship frustrations, loss, conflict with a co-worker, credit card debt—the list can be endless. Every negative issue pulls you away from the center of the proverbial circle and drags you closer to the edge where chaos and mediocrity reign supreme. It is here that the lowest levels of energy exist. At the edge of the circle, quality of life suffers. We must all strive to remain centered and focused on the positive. Remaining centered is a constant journey that does not end until we exhale our last breath of oxygen from our lungs. Being conscious of where we are in our circle and working toward being centered is an extremely rewarding journey, even in early adulthood. The process of focusing on being centered is another way we can be mindful of our emotions and surroundings.


John C. Bader

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