Could it be that death will release us from all the lies, persecution and ego; the conditioning and misinterpretations of spirituality and social existence? My inner voice tells me death will show us the truths we really already knew deep inside: Dynamism of energy and universal love; a renewed gift of space and responsiveness. Death is the one frontier yet to be discovered and it could quite possibly be the common denominator of peace and tranquility. Many before us have walked past the veil of mortality, never to look back; a rite of passage that need not be feared. Look at death as inevitable but also energy changing form in the most eloquent manner. Are we to understand the working nature of the Universe? We know we are an integral part of this vast Cosmos – this intricate design that connects energy to consciousness and love. Why should we fear beauty? Why should we fear birth and death; connected like a Mandala? Deep down words cannot describe feelings that well up from the heart. Words cannot put meaning to something as transcendent and sublime as death. Its essence is sealed on a kiss of secrecy; a riddle that will not be solved until we walk past the threshold of mortal existence.

John C. Bader