For better or worse, my political musings continue.

Earlier it was about the Chinese buying up US homes – now it is about teachers. A report just came out recently stating that most job gains in the local economy go to older workers.  More experienced employees are often more productive and earn higher salaries, generating economic growth that in itself yields jobs – this according to Dean Maki, chief U.S. economist for Barclays Capital.

This is not true for teachers. I have seen firsthand that experienced teachers are being overlooked or side stepped for cheaper, less experienced teachers – many times kids just out of school with no real in class room experience.  In many instances, school districts are required to pay teachers based on their years of experience. A teacher who has worked in the classroom for several decades for example would command a salary well above an entry level teacher just out of college. In a cash strapped economy, the focus is more on cost than quality. I see this across multiple industries: We no longer live in a quality driven world, we live in a cost driven world.

The problem is we get what we pay for. When it comes to our children, don’t you want experienced teachers mentoring your children?  I would not be so outspoken if it was an even distribution of youth and experience teaching our future generations. But that is not the case. I have seen on several accounts teachers with experience (that are not tenured) are many times thrown to the curb in this struggling economy. It hurts the teaching profession and it hurts the future of our children.

Thats all – back to enlightenment and self-actualization…


John C. Bader