I read an article in the USA Today yesterday that really irked me. It was a business piece on how high-end U.S. homes are luring Chinese buyers. Luring? It is more like fishing for trout in a bucket.

Basically China’s “great wall” of cash is pouring into our struggling housing market, from mansions on the west coast to commercial property and hotels on the east coast – over $7.4 billion! Apparently China’s interest in U.S. property escalated during the housing meltdown in 2006. Today, interest is growing as a rising Yuan – up more than 8% since 2010 gives the Chinese more buying power.

Does this bother anyone?  I am talking to you American word pressers right now. Let’s simplify this: Greedy big money corporations outsource our working class jobs to China. Greedy dumb ass lenders balloon the market up by pimping out subprime mortgages to anyone that breathes.  Out of work Americans do their Christmas shopping at Walmart which fills the pockets of the Chinese with tons of cash. Then the Chinese buy our homes that have lost half their value over the last 5 years.

Yeah, that sounds about right…


John C. Bader