There is a famous quote that I hear from time to time from Teilhard de Chardin’s The Phenomenon of Man, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Russell Bishop, an Author, Consultant and Executive Coach, chimes in on the interpretation in a recent article titled, Soul-Talk: The Myth of the Spiritual Path. He brings up an interesting point. Are people on a spiritual journey or are we just sometimes asleep, yet to be awakened again. He prefers awakened again which implies we have all this energy and wisdom within already. I totally agree. When we hear people talk about a spiritual journey, we tend to think of a beginning, a middle area or gap and then an ending. Is birth the beginning? Is the gap or journey life itself? And is death the ending – afterlife and enlightenment? I liken the journey in life as the constant push and pull of ego verse True Nature – this epic battle between good and evil which supports contemporary religion or as I like to compare it; finding awareness and space and thus a gap between our false-self and true-self; free from fear and fantasy – mindful of the present.

Whether it is a journey to self-actualization or an awakening, the process is the same. We need to find space within our lives which opens us up to awareness and clarity. It is then when a new appreciation is born – a responsiveness or sensitivity to our surroundings and also our energy within. Whether we awaken to this state of consciousness over time or work diligently to facilitate a spiritual awakening now, the journey is still the same. Much like world religion claims many paths to God, there are many paths to enlightenment and equally many ways to explain the journey. Still, the same common denominator exists – we need to connect to our True Nature and be aware of the false self our ego creates – only then will one awaken or reach the end on that spiritual journey to enlightenment.

John C. Bader