I am not going to lie here. I felt like crap Monday after a heavy day of eating on Easter and an excessive late night out with neighbors the night before. I am not even Catholic, but it’s hard to pass up all the eats and treats at the family house on Easter weekend: Eggs, eggs and more eggs… I think followers of Jesus have it nailed when it comes to eating and celebrating – Christmas dinner is a heart attack waiting to happen too.

Without getting too sidetracked, my point is, we need to listen to our bodies, especially when we are indulging a little too much. I live by the creed of moderation. I do not mind saying, “I am a terrible Buddhist”; I like my wine on occasion and it’s hard not to enjoy the finer things in life especially when great neighbors around us decide to turn it up a notch. Yet, last weekend was a perfect storm of anti-wellness. I normally meditate daily and missed the last couple days. I also bike ride on average 20 miles a week when it is not snowing – nope, none of that (and it did not snow!).

You may be thinking – wait a minute, this guy preaches wellness and enlightenment, why the hell is he spewing this stuff? Well, honesty is the best policy and we need to be honest to others but more importantly we need to be honest to ourselves. I am not one to be pious and preach one thing and then do another. We are all imperfect – imperfection created the Universe. Imperfection can be beautiful.  But everything that is good can also have a dark side – except chocolate… 🙂

I had alarms going off Monday morning; I was tired, bloated and my mind was not centered – a bad way to start the week. Lesson is this; we need to remain mindful of our center of energy. We need to eat and exercise – thus celebrating and appreciating this mortal shell we have been given. It’s okay to fall off the path of self-actualization from time to time – we are all human – but the key is being mindful of how you feel when you abuse and neglect the body. Not good…  being mindful is important because when you begin to indulge in whatever it might be that will cause suffering later, maybe we will remember the creed of moderation and make that Monday morning a little less grueling. Time to go on a bike ride!

John C. Bader