Are Chakras Proven by Science?

Scientific method explains that everything that isn’t proven scientifically doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. Scientific method provides for experiences that are anecdotes where judgments are made upon experiences. And then there is Religion…. Millions of people preach, pray; even kill in the name of God – a dogmatic concept that is fueled by blind faith and can’t be scientifically proven. Yet, there it is, existing and even interwoven within our social/political world. This example alone should allow for the plausibility of bio-energy therapy to exist. If blind faith allows for mainstream moral guidelines and a model of spirituality to exist based on for example, a book of fables and lore; then why not believe in an emerging practice that is already being reinforced by popular treatments like acupuncture and even independent studies?

Scientifically speaking, humans are made from a foundation of cells. All physical matter including cells can be reduced to charges that are electrical, magnetic, or inert. Within our cells are smaller particles of energy known as atoms. Atoms are made of extremely tiny particles called protons, neutrons, and electrons. Protons and neutrons are in the center of the atom, making up the nucleus. Electrons surround the nucleus much like planets rotate around the sun. Yes, that is correct, electrons rotate around the nucleus of an atom – this is important! Further, electrons hold negative charges. Having too many negative charges collected in one spot can distort the normal flow of electrical energy in the body and over time effect the programming of intracellular DNA. Each electron holds information that helps maintain the body’s structure. When something happens to cause the electrons to build up an imbalance of negative charges – the energy system that relates information to your body does not function properly. Negative energy can build up in our minds, muscles and theoretically in our auras and chakras.

The concept of a Chakra originates from ancient Hindu texts dating back 2500 years. Chakras are believed to be a number of wheel-like vortices which, according to traditional Indian medicine, exist in the surface or aura of the subtle body of living beings. Chakras are said to be “force centers” or whorls of energy permeating, from a point on the physical body. Rotating vortices of subtle matter, they are considered focal points for the reception and transmission of energies. It is not hard to find a connection between our internal and esoteric energy levels as it relates to quantum energy – and even  how electrons and particles of energy within interrelate with our wellness. When we understand that we live in a Responsive Universe, then this gap in science is more of a step than a jump. Further, much like there is really no right or wrong way to meditate; how people interpret the chakra system is really arbitrary too. I personally am aware of the system of chakras but I do not look at it as a ruling edict or law in regard to bio-energy. I can only say from experience, bio-energy therapy works  without knowledge of Reiki symbols or the Chakra system. It is that simple.

It is worth noting that the chakra system has no proven relationship with the anatomy or physiology of the human body. Nothing resembling the energy of the chakras has ever been detected, despite the exquisite sensitivity of modern instruments. So where does that leave us? Blind faith? Again, proof is in the experience and the proof transcends any placebo effect as well.

Are the concepts of chakras and healing energy as imperfect as contemporary religion – a belief that rests on the blind faith of its parishioners? Not necessarily. We may not be able to scientifically detect Chakras or fully understand the intricate workings of energy as it relates to the Universe; but the burden of proof does not rest on whether or not bio-energy exists or heals but how we can better understand it. Much like the existence of Near Death Experiences, the power of prayer, meditation and acupuncture, as stated, the proof is in the experience. I actually find it interesting that bio-energy practitioners are really not bothered by the lack of scientific evidence supporting Chakras and bio-energy. Why? Because it works; and those that have experienced its healing energy find there is no need to prove its existence. People can argue all day about the science of Reiki and Bio-Energy therapy. There will always be certain people that refuse to accept or even try new emerging therapies; therapies that have been exercised for thousands of years in the Far East.  Much like meditation, juicing or taking vitamins, such steps forward in wellness may not show immediate results, but the positive results that will emerge later are immeasurable. Still, from personal experience, bio-energy therapy does show immediate results and is especially useful during meditation. All one needs is a little confidence and the intent to heal.

In my next blog I will discuss confidence and intent and how it relates to bio-energy healing.

John C. Bader