Modern science advocates that the subconscious brain is capable of processing some 20,000,000 environmental stimuli per second, compared to the conscious brain, which may struggle with as few as 40 processes per second. One could believe it is this incredible processing power of the subconscious mind that explains why people experience good results from techniques such as “positive thinking”, meditation and bio-energy therapy. Analysis of Bell’s Theorem indicates that once sub atomic particles in the form of energy connect at some level, they always remain connected. Supported by experimental evidence, this theory explains that connections can be made within the same room or across a galaxy. Some scientists have noted that such events may not be just limited to quantum mechanics as they relate to the Universe but to everyday events including prayer and bio-energy healing therapies like Reiki. Could this be the next step in human evolution?

It is no surprise then that prayer or positive thinking is a common denominator in most religions. In a Responsive Universe, the power of prayer and positive thinking comes from connecting to our True Nature, the intrinsic, immortal potential for reaching enlightenment that exists within the mind of every sentient being. With an open mind we as humans have the ability to take pure, unadulterated thoughts and channel them through the millions of neurons within our brains. This quantum energy is then radiated out into the world in which we live through an electromagnetic energy field, connecting and linking all matter. All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration and every facet of the Cosmos is a part of this system of energy, including humans. Conversely, these same energies can be channeled inward and outward creating wellness from the inside out. Reiki and meditation are good examples of  wellness therapies.

In an earlier blog about Reiki, I challenged the system of ritual and symbols, stating they are useful but unnecessary. Further, knowledge of chakras is also useful but also unnecessary. We have the ability to heal others and ourselves using bio-energy without knowledge of such trappings. Still, I believe it is necessary to teach helpful healing hand positions and our place in the Universe – having space, awareness and sensiviity are imporant in bio-energy. Also important is confidence and intent:


Confidence is born from our connection to the Universe. Through meditation we come to find boundless space as it relates to the Universe, our True Nature and our own mind facilities. From this space arises clarity and awareness. From clarity and awareness we achieve an evolutionary level of self-actualization or responsiveness. We do live in a Responsive Universe and knowing this means we are connected to its energy and power. We are cogs of the Cosmos and each of us has the power to heal through channeling, cleansing and or manipulating the energy that surrounds us and others. The key is having the confidence that this metaphysical energy does exist based on science and that you are in possession of its healing qualities. Find your confidence that you can make a difference and you will succeed. Bio-Energy Healing is a reflection of you, your life and being and will reflect this oneness with energy and the Universe. The more the ego controls your life the less confidence you will have so it is important to find unadulterated confidence in your True Nature – from there true confidence will arise from within.


Intent is born out of your compassionate desire to heal others and heal yourself. It is really that simple. Because we all already have access to this unlimited energy – this connection to the Universe, we do not need symbols or rituals to govern our abilities to heal – just plain, unadulterated intent. Symbols are great for remembering the quality of confidence and intent but they are not totally necessary for healing purposes. Intent requires simply a great effort or willingness to heal with no goal in mind rooted to ego. Intent to heal is a practice; pure and living in the moment; without judging, comparing or attaching anything in the present. Our intent needs to be free, unfettered with no preconception of the outcome – just confidence that you are doing the right thing. Once you have the confidence that you can make a difference, all you need then is the genuine intent to heal; a willingness to help cleanse and heal the human aura.

I am currently writing a Bio-Energy Healing workbook which will accent my upcoming release, The Responsive Universe. In my follow up effort, I will spend ample time discusing bio-energy therapy.  If you are interested in bio-energy, then I suggest you begin to educate yourself on the hand positions and have fun exploring the world of bio-energy.

Here is a great Reiki website that will give you all you need to know about bio-energy healing.

Have a great weekend!

John C. Bader