Bell Rock Vortex, Sedona

I read an interesting blog today by “Mommy Mystic”.  It was an interesting perspective on Natures Energy – Sedona is famous for such dynamism. I traveled there last summer and meditated under the sun and shadows of “Bell Rock” in Sedona. It was quite a sublime experience.

Meditating at the foot of Bell Rock – you could almost see the energy swirling the clouds above!

There is a place on my local bike trail that speaks to me as well. Nestled within a forest preserve in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago; it is a less traveled path that holds energy in a way I can’t fully define.

…and I am okay with that…

In essence, it is an “energy vortex”: Unassuming and perfectly secret, I wonder if it is a spot that only I connect with? There is nothing particularly special about it – yet, it is kissed with unadulterated nature; untouched by man’s strong hand. Still, when the sun is out and the warm translucent light is showering through the tree branches; illuminating the bushes and flowers; there is energy to appreciate when one is mindful and present.  It satiates me and then I can go on.

 Bike trail near my home in IL.

We all need to find a special place in nature (especially near our home) where we can draw energy from. Whether it is in your backyard (for you lucky few) or simply steps away (or a quick drive away); I think it is important to find that special place where you can escape and refuel your body and mind. Forget the vacations that come once a year if we are fortunate enough; find that escape near your home where you can go and decompress; if only for a few minutes. Find that spot and find your center! From my experience, the Universe in all its intricacies handles the rest – if only for a moment.

…and yes, sometimes that is enough…

John C. Bader