I am born and raised in Southern California; South Orange County to be exact. Now I live in Chicagoland. I am here in Los Angeles for the week. There is so much wellness out here in the LA basin. I see yoga and pilates studios on every other corner – especially in newer developments. During my travels, I was worried about not juicing – not a problem as there is a Jamba Juice next to almost every Starbucks. Still, Los Angeles is a busy place: Just drive north up the 405 freeway and you are greeted by unrelenting traffic, oil refineries, concrete and a mess of power lines. There is a controlled chaos here that reverberates this buzz that seems to stay in your head even in the sanctuary of my Double Tree hotel. There are even ear plugs next to my bed with a note from the hotel apologizing for the noise of the freeway.

I had a free 20 minutes yesterday morning and decided to roll my overwhelmed mind into a meditation. I sat in my hotel room with a panoramic view of freeways, high-rises and urban sprawl. The morning was shrouded with clouds and gloom and when I closed my eyes and turned my mind inward: Space, clarity and responsiveness took over the present…  Multiple thought interruptions, disconnection and then reconnection.  I opened my eyes twenty minutes later to find the sun showering down on the southland. Talk about a gift and a pat on the back – the Universe maybe saying hello or at least nudging me during a time of low energy to tell me I am on the right path of mindfulness. Sometimes that is enough to move on.


John C. Bader