We know toxins in food are bad for you. We also know that high levels of stress are bad for you as well. A new study released recently in the Molecular Psychiatry publication and written by author Idan Shalev, makes a startling revelation:  Violence ages children’s DNA.  I can recall that my childhood was less than perfect and trust me, that is an understatement. It makes me wonder how an abusive childhood could be affecting my life span.

Scientists are able to measure cellular aging by studying the cells of children’s chromosomes called Telomeres. Telomeres are special DNA sequences that act like the plastic tips on shoelaces, which prevent the DNA chromosomes from unraveling and degenerating.  These DNA chromosomes get shorter each time cells divide and each time a cell divides the sequence gets shorter until it cannot divide anymore – thus cellular death.

Several factors have been documented to shorten Telomeres including smoking, radiation and psychological stresses like early childhood abuse. Research shows Telomeres shorten faster in kids exposed to two or more types of violence or abuse. This is further evidence that shows we live in a Responsive Universe and the ability to wield the hand of God exists in all of us. In this case, maybe it is the hand of the Devil (if you believe in that stuff).

Point is, humans, children especially, are responsive creatures that need love and energy. The opposite is true as well. We all wield the power to take energy and life from others. There is hope though; in rare cases Telomeres can lengthen through better nutrition, exercise and stress reduction.  I guess it is a good thing I juice and exercise.

I think the long and the short is this – hug and love your children; live with compassion and know that every action you create does create a positive or negative reaction based on its source. Be mindful and create positive energy in every facet of your life.


John C. Bader


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