I read an interesting article recently about whether or not humans are still evolving.  Evolution has always involved varying levels of natural selection – Evolution occurs in response to outside forces that weed out whatever individuals are least fit to survive those pressures, allowing those better-fit individuals to survive and reproduce. However, since humans radically alter their environments, some researchers have questioned whether natural forces of selection continue to act upon our species. For instance, agriculture can generate a surplus of food that can insulate us from many ills of the world.

Research of large demographics show there is still evolution in regard to fertility, mating success and that there is really no natural selection between the rich and poor in developed countries. I have always joked that my apparent receding hairline is evolution responding to global warming –jesting that I am evolving quicker than others due to my adaption to the environmental changes of the world – of course I am joking.

Still, some research shows that evolution could be more sublime and astral in its trappings. For example, humans are becoming more conscious of evolution itself. We are beginning to understand what we are doing instead of just reacting to the environment. In a Responsive Universe, evolution takes on a whole different definition – there can be many complexities to its explanation – it is not necessarily biological evolution but spiritual evolution and how we see and interpret our surroundings and social evolution in how we treat our common neighbors – with compassion or with hate and greed. Such mindful evolution is allowing us to see the world like never before. There is less reliance on organized religion and new connections to intricate energy levels that seem to lie just below the surface of the materialistic world we live in. I imagine humans will continue to adapt to our environment from a social, spiritual and biological standpoint and the important thing it seems is being aware of our place in this world and Universe – in essence being mindful of our surroundings and how the actions we make ripple across infinity.

John C. Bader