Do you need a new exercise in mindfulness? Mindfulness is a spiritual or psychological faculty that is considered to be of great importance in the path to enlightenment.  I talk about it all the time in this blog because it really is the key to less suffering and more happiness. Mindfulness involves centering your thoughts in the present – focusing on what is happening right now and not the past or future – fear and fantasy.

That is what meditation is all about – refocusing your thoughts – remaining mindful…

I stumbled upon an interesting exercise in being mindful. According to a recent article by Chloe Park, humans have about 65,000 thoughts a day, 90% of which are thoughts of yesterday – simply repeating today. Crazy huh?

Back to this lesson – Actually it is kind of embarrassing.  I did a routine password change on my iPhone. You know; the four digit password to access the phone and apps. It has probably been a year since I changed the password. Keep in mind the new password is about as routine as the old password.

Can you imagine how many times I keep entering the old password in error – days later!!! Talk about a lesson in mindfulness. The excruciating mental concentration of typing in the right password! It’s unbelievable and it is also a great window into how the mind works – so much of what we think and do is automatic, sans of mindful intent. Even reminding myself that I changed the password on my phone BEFORE typing it in is a good exercise in being mindful.

Try it – I dare you – LOL

John C. Bader