There is conflicting information online and in the general public as to the medical legitimacy of Bio Energy Therapy. For some, including myself, I like to see proof that something exists. Let us not forget that the higher echelons of thought and power deemed the world flat not so long ago. Only 400 years ago it was Galileo Galilei that fought the Catholic Church to prove simply that the Earth revolves around the Sun; not Earth and man as the center of the Universe. Sometimes we do need to prove that things exist and are not fabricated from ancient lore or the devices of corporations and or money.  Galileo was a free thinker in a very close-minded world, yet his discoveries revolutionized how we perceive ourselves and our world today. We are not the center of the Universe—we are merely one part of something so vast it boggles the imagination. You would think that if Religion, which is based almost entirely on blind faith, need not be proven legitimate to the masses, neither would bio-energy therapy. Still it is a peculiar world we live in and it requires each of us to find our own answers to the truths that govern this life. In regard to bio-energy therapy, it is not the burden of the holistic community to prove that energy healing exists; the burden is to get treatments like Reiki approved for clinical and medical use as well as written into insurance code.

Energy healing is based on the fact that humans are very energetic organisms. We create heat, give off light, generate electricity and even have a measurable magnetic field. According to the principles of quantum physics, we are actually energy beings that occupy a physical space. Popular theories in applied sciences such as the Torsion Field Theory support the theory of bio-energy in nature. The Torsion Field Theory, conceived in the 1980s by Soviet physicists, asserts that within physics, a field is an assignment of quantity within each point of space-time. A torsion field includes any variable that describes rotation. A well-studied quantum phenomenon called spin-spin interaction suggests that subatomic particles called neutrinos do not carry mass or energy but only information as they are transmitted across space. Torsion field theories echo the 19th century notion of “Universal Ether” or “Aether”.  Aether is a term used to describe the medium for the propagation of light and energy. It has mythological origins, and ancient philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle described it as a Fifth Element. The concept of Aether enables theorists to use quantum mechanics to describe an information-energy field of interconnections, signals, events, and processes. Information garnered from actions in life can be carried across these paths of information and light as healing energy.

In essence, bio-energy healers are creating permutations in the vacuum zero point field via torsion fields, which in turn changes the characteristics of the source mass. It has been proven that conscious intent causes heightened electromagnetic fields in the surrounding of the practitioners hands, thus creating an alteration in the torsion field and  thus creating a new annihilation/energy opportunity for the source. M. Sue Benford, R.N., M.A. states: “The acceptance and appreciation of torsion fields, with their influencing spin characteristics both in defining and refining matter, opens a new perspective of scientific exploration into psi-phenomena. Possibly, we can conclude that life, and even mind, may be a manifestation of the constant, albeit subtle, interaction of the wave packets classically known as “matter” with the underlying physically real vacuum field.”

A bio-energy healer does not use his/her own energy but rather directs bio-energy, which contains all the information your body needs to heal itself. The therapist directs the energy to the part of the body where it is needed, or takes the excess energy away from the part where there is too much energy. In other words, the therapist supplies the body with the information, contained in the bio-energy, which is necessary for proper functioning of the immune system, and the body begins to heal. Again, all that is needed is the intent and confidence to heal; The Universe takes care of the rest.

John C. Bader

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