There is this sublime world that exists beyond our atmosphere here on Earth.  Occasionally we look out upon its back yard realm at night; gazing up at the neighborhood stars that dot our heavens above. Yet for the most part, people are entrenched with what is going on here on Earth. Rarely do people look up and marvel at the boundless nature of the Cosmos.   The social static of ego, religion and conflict surrounds us and our mindfulness is preoccupied. Yet, people do find happiness and success in this earthly world but still we rarely pay attention to the Universe that surrounds us. There is a grand Universe home to over 200 billion galaxies and then there is this subatomic Universe within – also boundless. The Universe is where our energy was born and when we die it is where energy will return. This concept seems important, yet life goes on here on Earth and we all seem to trudge on facing our daily challenges, never fully aware of our deeper connections.  Humans are generally self-centered – you see it with our politics, globally policies, economy and religion. The focus these days tends to be centered on quantity and not quality. Many people suffer in this world governed by big money and the elite. Is there another way?

There is another world that exists stifled under the controlled chaos we habitually call life.  It is the subatomic world that surrounds us. There is no evil in this world – only energy. The subatomic world is invisible and yet could be the key to everything that exists. Average humans are not interested in things they cannot see. We need tangible evidence and many of us are even swayed by the blind faith of others. Still, there is another world that exists – in fact, we coexist in both worlds. Without the subatomic world, humans would not be – the Universe would not exist. Again, seems important, right?

The Quantum Universe is a peculiar place. When we observe subatomic energy at its smallest levels, the act of observing seems to change the properties of quantum matter. When we observe sub atomic energy at microscopic levels we see particles of matter. Yet when we are not observing this matter, scientific measures show that matter exists in a wave-like form – not particles. How does human consciousness connect, interrelate and alter sub atomic particles? Such manipulations seem to bring scientific plausibility to concepts like prayer, karma and positive and negative manifestations.  Such musings even supports the concept of an afterlife. If the act of observing matter in its smallest form alters matter itself – do humans wield more power than we know? Is this the next evolutionary step? How can a particle be in two places at once? What about the plausibility of mult-universes as detailed by string theory. There is much we do not know and there is much to be discovered. Still, when you stop and appreciate the complexity of the Quantum Universe and the vastness of the Cosmos; and thus acknowledge that humans are a part of this system of order harnessing the ability to alter the fabric of the Subatomic Universe – well, it makes one wonder if anything is possible. Maybe, everything is possible?

That my friend is the definition of a Responsive Universe. Find space in this Universe and clarity will arise from within. From this clarity comes a responsiveness that transcend all dogma and earthly trappings. This is your True Nature. Connect to these sublime qualities and a new world will reveal itself – a grand and beautiful Responsive Universe.

John C. Bader

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