Why do we exist? Yes, it was an imperfect balance of matter over antimatter that birthed the Cosmos; and from that imperfection and billions of years of slow gratuitous evolution that conscious thought was born. But why?

Yes, we are born from instinctual energy and when we die we will return to instinctual energy. Within this conscious world that we reside there is great happiness and bliss; but as the pendulum of greed and ego swing we also see great suffering and damnation. Why? Why are conscious beings capable of good and evil and yet all that surrounds us – this grand Universe, is nether; it just IS… It is no wonder that religion was created. Yet religion does not feed my hunger with its dogma, social trappings and exclusivity. I yearn for more… Why? As my mind toils I realize there is still so much to learn and experience. Life is but a learning experience. We are born to learn from those that are wise and in turn teach those that are ignorant.  What I have learned is this: We were born into this space. It is from space that clarity arises. From this clarity comes a dynamism that speaks love.

Why do we exist within this responsive universe?

TO LOVE… that is why…

John C. Bader