I HOPE YOU ENJOYED my blog series titled “Manifest Destiny” – Meditating across America. I learned a lot from this trip and since then I have really connected on sublime levels with the bond of Nature and Universe. It is hard to explain, but I just feel comfortable in the outdoors and I have found meditation to be especially powerful under the sun and clouds. I will talk more about this energy and experience in the Responsive Universe – Meditations and Daily Life Practice – scheduled for “Official Online Release” this July 4th, 2012 at 8am CST.

Thanks for all your time and consideration – JCB



Wauconda, IL (home)

4830 Miles Traveled

And so my adventure ends, “Meditating across America”, to Manifest Destiny. Over the course of two and a half weeks, I have traveled through 12 states and visited many amazing places and people. In some ways it was a bittersweet trip: It was wonderful to see family and friends in California; to surf and soak up the Pacific sun and the opportunity to travel and hike some of the most beautiful places west of the Great Lakes. Yet, there was some challenging aspects to my trip as well. Driving seven to eight hours a day was arduous and the plight of America in places like the Navajo Nation and tornado devastated Joplin were eye opening experiences. Still to drive across so many diverse geographical regions and exploring the different cultures and demographics was in itself rewarding.

searching for round chakra rocks at the beach was a simple walking meditation exercise that achieved full mindfulness of the moment.

The premise of this journal series was to explore Energy Vortexes across America. As discussed in previous blog entries, scenic places of beauty tend to hold higher levels of energy – or so I thought before disembarking on this road trip adventure. As I traveled across the Great Plains, spacious views would open up for miles in every direction. There is a quality of space and openness associated with big sky vistas. In the mountains of Colorado I connected to the epic beauty and grandiose sights of the Maroon Bells near Aspen. There amidst the snow-kissed peaks, I felt peace and inspiration that bought forth an acute level of awareness; a natural high of sorts. Across the red canyons and ravines of Utah came feelings of comfortable desolation and revelations of how small we really are in the grand scheme of the Cosmos. When I finally reached the coast, the healing ocean and scenic coastline brought back vivid memories of childhood but also the loss of my firstborn ten years ago. Bittersweet indeed, but seeing old friends and family made the trip all the more rewarding. Then of course there is Sedona and its famous healing vortexes. Hiking up Bell Rock was an amazing experience. I found the longer I stayed in Sedona the more energy I felt. There was even a lack of energy sensed upon my departure from Arizona. Throughout the entire trip I focused on my mindfulness of the moment – keeping my center and thoughts rooted in the present. I enjoyed some very productive and energy infused meditations, especially under the watchful eye of God; in the tranquil and unfettered dominion of nature.  Yet, even through the hustle and bustle of Chicago, peace was found. Truthfully, I can even find peace and inspiration meditating in my living room at home. So what conclusions can be deduced from all of these experiences?

Image by Tracey Dunba

It seems we are all products of God. The natural beauty of the Maroon Bells, the Pacific Ocean and Sedona are all products of God – as is the City of Chicago and the utter desolation of Utah’s southern deserts. Everything is a product of God. When I use the word “God” I am describing everything that exists in the universe: The vibrating waves of Quantum energy, the love we feel for a friend or spouse, the loss of a child and the birth of another. The essence of God is indefinable as it relates to the universe. To even think one can comprehend such concepts and designs is egoistical and futile. We as humans have yet to evolve to a level where the concept of God can be truly defined and understood. Still, we can revel in its beauty and immensity: The beauty of nature and the beauty of energy as it relates to our True Nature. It is enough to know we are a part of something so vast and special it tends to overwhelm the rational mind. It seems there is an energy and peace within us all – and all of this is somehow connected to nature and our intrinsic self. We can touch and wield its energy and power through compassion, karma and mindfulness. Still, the true, unfettered nature that is Mother Earth seems to bring us closer to the concept of God as it relates to everything. Maybe the synapses that connect humans with their soul or True Nature are easily coupled by raw unadulterated beauty – this is especially true for the many people that do not connect to these rudimentary concepts with ease. For many, the ego and a false perception of life muddles our True Nature and it takes amazing energy sources like Sedona to help bring forth this clarity. For a lucky few, the energy is already found inside our being – a source of empowerment that can be found in even the most ordinary places. So, it seems the concept of God as it relates to the universe and the concept of energy as it relates to Cosmos is already found within. Places of beauty like the Maroon Bells and Sedona only help us connect to this dynamism with more vigor and intensity. The challenge for all of us is not to seek out places of beauty like mountains and canyons, but seek a beauty and energy that lies within. It is then, that a true responsiveness of energy and life transcends this existence we call life.

My journey to Manifest Destiny is complete.

John C Bader