620 miles traveled

Thunderstorms in Nebraska

Welcome to the Great Plains as I meditate across America: My two week adventure to Manifest Destiny and beyond. I am in search of mysterious energy vortexes that exist for the most part in nature – places of special and unique qualities that harbor and collect the quantum/spiritual energies of the universe.

After driving through America’s heartland the last day or so,  I have just two things on my mind: Corn, storms, corn, storms and more corn. First off, I did not know there could be so much corn; there is so much corn in the states of Iowa and Nebraska that it is difficult to quantify. Further, the wicked thunder storms that pummeled Interstate 80 provided plenty of white knuckle driving today. Still, there is an underlying quality to the plains region that is unmistakable: Open and flowing. These are very important words or concepts when we discuss meditation and self-actualization. I like the word “space” as it relates to our surroundings. Space or openness is also the infinite quality of our minds as it relates to our true nature. We can acknowledge that during meditation and daily life practice, countless thoughts race through our minds. Imagine the space required to create and field all of those thoughts. How about memories? What about useful daily life skills and dreams? The brain seems small, but the mind seems vast. Our exterior environments can transcend this feeling of space as it relates to our minds and even the universe that is everything.

Here in the Great Plains, views span for miles in every direction. I have heard the locals chuckle or even complain about how flat it is out here in States like Nebraska. Yet having space that surrounds you can be quite peaceful and tranquil. Just days ago, I visited Chicago. Greeted by the hustle and bustle of city life, there is this confined quality associated with large cities as compared to the spaciousness of the open countryside. For some people there can be a claustrophobic energy that can breed stress and anxiety within populated areas. Don’t get me wrong, we need to stand above such “mind over matter” scenarios and connect to the energy within. Yet, here, surrounded by expansive farmland and nature, there is an unrivaled spacious quality associated with the region. There is nothing to be stressed out about: Time moves slow and even the cows grazing off the side of the road seem to be on vacation. One just needs to stand tall and erect and views will open up for miles unabated in each direction; breathe in the fresh air and feel the energy associated with a clear and boundless vision.

Up next, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado: In two days, I will reach the well known energy vortex that is Maroon Bells, near Aspen. One can only hope that the weather cooperates as I ascend the Continental Divide. Talk to you soon!

John C Bader