Southern Utah

1731 Miles Traveled

Capital Reef, Utah

The change in scenery is again amazing: From majestic mountains and green alpine valleys to dusty red iron rich canyons and cavernous ravines. The drive west along Interstate 70 was breathtaking. In every direction for as far as the eye will allow, rich earth tones paint desert mesas and ragged ridgelines to infinity. I am traveling across America in search of Energy Vortexes. My journey began a week ago in Chicago and now I am within reach of Manifest Destiny.

There is a stretch of highway in the middle of nowhere that spans over 120 miles without gas stations or other services. I probably missed the sign that warned this was a scene out of Land of the Lost. To my horror, the needle on the gas gauge was dangerously low. Then the shock of the low fuel level alarm made my nervous situation worst. This is one of my worst fears in life: To run out of gas in the middle of nowhere; and now I have to go to the bathroom too. Trouble in paradise! Nervous, twitching, watching the miles rack up and the gas evaporate. I was mad at myself and at this point there was no turning back. On fumes and a perspiration soaked brow, the familiar view of a gas station came into view. I thought I won the lottery!

The views from my observation point at the foot of the Capital Reef National Park were truly incredible: Jagged outcrops, distant plateaus and desolation own this part of the world. As far as you can see, detail at every blink of an eye: Canyon rims and ridges, colors changing to the music of the clouds passing above. Storms were dancing across the region bringing much needed moisture to the thirsty soil. The sensation of rain drops hitting my exposed skin while mindful of the experience at hand was inspiring:

A large storm cloud lumbers across the heavens – behind it, big blue sky

It’s significance transparent as its shadows dance on the red canyons below

A calm wind echoes the questions of mankind as ravenous canyons glow

Views span in all directions allowing this quantum energy to flow

The rustle of sage brush, under the afternoon light – its radiance unfettered

Then a sense of tranquility like no other

Rusty ridges, distant plateaus and a feeling of responsive grows…

Tomorrow, a quick jaunt through Nevada and then California and Manifest Destiny. We will talk in a couple days!

John C. Bader