Sedona, Arizona

2830 Miles Traveled

The Court House

After reaching the ocean on my trip to Manifest Destiny, my travels now loop back to the Southwest deserts. I traversed the brutal Mojave Desert from California to Arizona, where I experienced 115 degree temperatures. My journey across America in search of Energy Vortexes now takes me to Sedona, AZ. Sedona is famous for its spiritual and meditative powers; a power or energy that seems to transcend all religion and faiths. An Energy Vortex is a unique place that exhibits subtle levels of swirling energy that some say actually permeates from the red rocks and outcroppings surrounding Sedona and Oak Creek. During my adventures in Colorado, I confirmed that the more picturesque and scenic a site is the more energy it seems to permeate. The Maroon Bells near Aspen, Co. are a perfect example. Still Sedona is a little different. One can always find higher levels of energy in natural places of beauty. Energy can be found in trees, mountains and even people. Yet, here in Sedona, there is a dynamism that takes the concept of energy to an entirely different level. It is even a viable business as paid guides lead tourists to the different Vortex points around the region.

The Airport Vortex

I experienced three individual Energy Vortexes while visiting Sedona and its outlying areas. The first stop was the “Airport Vortex”. This particular Vortex can be found close to town, off of 89A on Airport Road. The Airport Vortex features a chasm saddle shaped mesa which is surrounded by many canyon walls and rusty rims.  I hiked up a trail that lead to a lookout that provided inspiring views. The key is to look for special Juniper trees which dot the hills sides. Most Juniper trees are normal looking as their branches and trunks reach straight for the sky above. Still, if you are mindful of your surroundings, look for the occasional twisted and gnarled variation that indicates there is a higher level of energy present. It was my Wife that actually found the perfect spot: The trunk and branches of this specific Juniper where twisted and tormented as if there was a mysterious force at work. It was here with Canyon views in all directions that one could feel a change in the environment: An uplifting feeling that welled up from within.

The Cathedral Vortex

The next stop was the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a beautiful stone Catholic Church nestled into the red rock canyon walls overlooking the “Cathedral Rock” Vortex (off of Chapel Road). The Church was beautiful as was its immediate surroundings: The canyon walls displayed textures and faces that look like they had stories to tell. The Cathedral Rock Vortex looked like a monument built by God sitting alone on a desert floor. It’s towers of red rock and spires where magnificent. At the time, there was a lone thunderhead sitting directly above the edifice. The clouds here in Sedona are interesting: They tend to swirl and make odd shapes that seem indigenous to this region.

Near the apex of Bell Rock

The “Bell Rock” Vortex is considered the most famous and powerful of the sites here in Sedona. It is here I took several hours to climb its red features and actually meditate for 45 minutes in a special spot near a twisted and tangled Juniper tree. Bell Rock is located off of HWY 179, just North of the Oak Creek Village. I was exhausted and a bit cranky after driving 500 miles the day before through scorching heat. I also have a wicked blister on my foot the size of a quarter (thanks to hiking in California) that makes walking and climbing painful and challenging. Yet, as I hiked to the mid section of Bell Rock, there was a noticeable energy transformation: I was enveloped with a complete attitude adjustment and my pain and sore muscles were washed away. It was clear there are healing properties at work at Bell Rock. There was a point at the top of my climb that I had the entire monument to myself – my meditation was peaceful and inspiring. During my meditation session a large thunder-storm began oscillating to the west. Its distant thunder almost seemed like a warning that this is as close to heaven mortals are allowed to travel. Almost immediately, the stifling 99 degree air dropped to the upper 70s – goose bumps materialized on my skin and a shiver rolled through my body. At one point, I laid on my back and watched the clouds swirl above the Bell Rock peak – much like Maroon Bells, there was this visual evidence that high levels of energy were present. It was enough to feel its healing qualities, but there is also tangible evidence of energy as well.

Famous Bell Rock in Sedona

I have to be honest now. I have traveled over 2800 miles in search of natural sources of energy – It is my opinion that all places of beauty hold higher levels of energy and lets face it, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have worked hard over the years to be spiritually mindful of my interior qualities as well as my surroundings. I have a clarity and responsiveness to life that has taken years to craft. I feel the energy here in Sedona and there is no doubt this is a special place. From a scenic standpoint, it is a 10 in my book. Still, I felt similar energy rushes in Colorado and even in my back yard at home. My honesty disappoints me in the fact that I was hoping to come to Sedona and find something magnificent. I did find inspiration and peace, but that is intrinsic to my being. Maybe the beauty and energy is all inside us and certain places like Sedona or Maroon Bells helps facilitate a better medium to connect to such energies? My wife brought up a good point: Annamarie stated that maybe such places like Sedona require more effort? It might take 5 individual hikes up to Bell Rock to slowly preen the energies present – and maybe each experience will be different: The gift may be the combined experiences over years of appreciation. I can tell you that this will not be my last trip to Sedona.

Up next, New Mexico as I meditate across America. There is more to come later this week as I begin my long drive home.


IMAGES: (in order of appearance)

“The Court House”: This edifice sits next to Bell Rock and is amazing to behold.

“Airport Vortex”: There were a lot of gnarled trees in this area – definitely a lot of energy!

“Cathedral Rock Vortex”: One of the more stunning rock formations in Sedona. There was a unique looking thunder head that was sitting right over the formation. There were no clouds anywhere else in the sky at the time.

“Bell Rock Vortex”: After hiking  midway up, I took this image laying on my back looking up at the peak of Bell Rock. The clouds actually appeared to be vortexing around its apex.

“Bell Rock Vortex”: Known to be one of the more powerful Vortexes in Sedona.

John C Bader