Albuquerque, New Mexico

3150 Miles Traveled

Sunset over the desert Mesa

I was sad to see Sedona go in my rearview mirror. I feel as if there was an amplified energy that continued to build the longer I stayed within its red rock reaches. I felt some amazing feelings of energy akin to the beauty that is Sedona but it was the lack of energy entering New Mexico that was more perplexing.

I visited the City of Gallup, just across the New Mexico border from Arizona. My Wife and I wanted to search for reasonably priced turquoise jewelry. My Grandfather, an old cowboy familiar with these parts said we should search the trading post/pawn shops that dot the border. The prices were through the roof despite a slumping economy, and disappointed, we did not purchase anything. I drove out of Gallup with a cold negative energy that seem to float over the dusty streets. It seemed as though all the local Indians were pawning their family heirlooms to make ends meet. The poor neighborhoods that dotted the landscape east were a grim reminder of how depressed west New Mexico really is. I felt sad for the Native American people that call this region their home. I felt a negative energy from people and the surroundings and was happy to leave for Albuquerque. All I can say is my heart goes out for these people. I think they need and deserve our compassion even if they greet tourists such as me with cold, indigent stares – not to mention, negative energy. I know Native Americans are very spiritual people and unfortunately they are victims to the social/political climate here in the US.

Still, the day was not a complete bust: Once in Albuquerque, I was greeted with an amazing sunset. I sort of consider myself a sunset connoisseur. I especially love tropical sunsets as the sun sets over the ocean. Still, here in Albuquerque, with the sun setting over the desert mesa, this moment (as shown below) is hard to beat. Sunsets can bring so much energy to just an ordinary vista. One does not need scenic mountain peaks or red rock canyons when the perfect painting of clouds and refracting light can make any moment at dusk extra special. This was a special sunset and I will post this journal now and continue to enjoy the afterglow that greets the night in New Mexico.

Tomorrow, the panhandle of Texas and then Oklahoma City as I grind my way home back to Illinois. Between you, me, and the cactus out here in New Mexico, I am ready to come home!

We will talk soon

John C Bader