Here comes the fire storm….

When someone asks me if I believe in God, I tend to counter their question with a question. I often ask, “Well, how do you define God”? I am not asking if they believe in God, I am asking for them to  define the concept of God. Seems important to know what you are worshipping. It tends to throw people off. It is a loaded question, full of complexity. But it is a question that matters.

How do you define God?

Typically our conversation is over when the questioning party clarifies their idea of God as the Lord Jesus Christ or Allah. Oh boy, here we go…. I do not like to be unkind or opinionated, but when someone is so dogmatic and adamant about the blind faith concept of God to me it is either completely religious egotism or complete ignorance and low self-esteem. I know harsh words, right? Hey, don’t get me wrong, if you have an unadulterated and unfettered belief in something and you came to this belief on your own accord and it is not the borrowed dogma from others – well, best of luck to you. The problem with organized religion is that it is too easy. Follow with blind faith and package your pretty little god in a book with a pretty little bow and call it a day – it is not that easy. Religions facilitates fear and makes people follow instead of lead. Religions creates exclusiveness and divides our world. I do not see any spiritual benefits from that? I see bad karma. Look at the world today – is organized religion really working?

Look at it this way – it is a big world out there and there are many cultures and religions. Is one culture or religion so pious and egotistical that they would claim their belief as the only path, thus condemning others? Many wars have been fought over religion and there is plenty of religious persecution going on today – especially in the Middle East. Religious egotism also centers on the belief that God is the form of a man – I can’t think of anything more self-centered; well maybe the Catholic Church and their old steadfast belief that the Earth is the center of the Universe. That was pretty self-centered. Further, I will never vote for a politician that believes in Genesis or 100 virgins in heaven. Talk about a complete degradation in analytical thinking. I mean even without much thought, intuition tells me that the Cosmos is a pretty vast and infinite place; full of possibility and energy. How can you deny that? Why would you settle for less?

So, when someone asks me if I believe in God, I say yes. I believe in God as it relates to the Universe; an instinctual energy that is everything: A Mandala of life, death and rebirth with the common denominator that is love. A love that transcends our existence here on Earth; energy changing form… God is not found in a book, it is found in experience and much of it we do not even understand; and that is okay. It is okay to not understand everything.  Science already proves concepts like karma and an afterlife. Do we need to be divided by egotism and ignorance? Humans have more in common than we care to admit. More often than not, my answer tends to leave many with their mouth agape; their minds tumbling for an intelligent response. Hey, I am not saying that I am right and everyone else is wrong – that would be a double standard. No, I am just asking for people to live with an open mind. The Universe is full of possibilities. Don’t let fear dictate your beliefs. Don’t settle for archaic dogma that is no longer applicable in our modern, evolving world. Find God inside you; the sublime beauty of energy, wisdom and love awaits your space and clarity. Slow your thoughts down, live in the present and let your heart wish speak for once; connecting you to your True Nature.

If any of this resonates with you then you need to read my book. If you believe in God but have questions, please read my book. I have studied philosophy, Buddhism and science and have compiled a literary work rich in new perspectives and answers. Once humanity understands we live in a Responsive Universe, religion will not matter; blind faith will no longer apply. Together we can grow and prosper as a global community and not the fractured shards of glass we are today.

I hope I did not hurt anyone’s feelings.

By the way, I spent about 6 hours in church last week – They were great meditation sessions!


John C. Bader