Check out this article about religiosity plummeting In Ireland and declining worldwide as well.


I truly think religion as we know it has peaked. As this article indicates, religiosity is down, especially in countries where it has reigned for thousands of years. Think about it, how many people worship RE the ancient Egyptian Sun God that ruled the religious faithful of North Africa for 5,000 years? Religions like cultures and languages die out. If history has taught us anything it is that cultural trappings are not permanent.  We as spiritually conscious creatures need to connect to something more permanent and fixed like our energy and true nature – We do live in a Responsive Universe and we do not need blind faith and dogma to connect to the sublime – the energy and love that we find in nature and human experience is proof enough. It is a dynamism that transcends Earth and defines our connection with humanity and the Cosmos; from which energy and all forms arise. There, I said it… JCB

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Find your center and find your spiritual inspiration to grow and evolve in this Responsive Universe…

John C. Bader