First of all everyone lives in a Responsive Universe. Let me explain…

There are people of the Christian faith that understand and see the energy and space that is the Responsive Universe. Maybe through self-discovery, meditation and even yoga, educated Christians understand how science and spirituality are making connections with the quantum Universe; shedding scientific light on the power of prayer, karma, meditation and even our origin and afterlife. Still, deep down in their hearts they know they love Jesus and Jesus loves them. Deep down they feel connections with “The Son of God” and even find wisdom within the Bible.

So, how do they fit in the Responsive Universe?

As many of you know, I am not a proponent of organized religion. I feel it creates more problems than it solves. History has clearly shown that it divides culture, encourages oppression, exclusionism and it persuades people to follow instead of leading. Still, I will never individually condemn someone for their beliefs.

When this discussion pops up I always ask this question: Where did your faith in Jesus arise from? Most would answer from childhood.  Many of us in the west grew up under Christian roofs. As kids, we went to church and much of our social evolution stems from the trappings and dogma associated with Christianity. And there is nothing wrong with that. For a child growing up in the Middle East, Islam would be an underlying social element in the growth and maturity of a child. And of course there is nothing wrong with this upbringing either.  The flavor of a specific religion is inherent to the cultural and spiritual needs of a specific region in the world – break religion down to the most common denominator and you have something that transcends earth and humans – you have the Universe… Add conscious thought and now you have a Responsive Universe.

In the First Mandala of The Responsive Universe – Meditations and Daily Life Practices we are reminded that we need to approach everything in life with an open mind. We are asked to revisit our childhood belief systems and determine if this system of conviction is still valid and practical. Much like the US Constitution which has been amended to meet the modern needs of American government and society, we need to re-evaluate our old belief systems in God and make sure this system of faith is still meeting our deepest spiritual needs. This does not mean to completely disregard your old belief systems – only to amend them; thus discarding the old and archaic that are no longer useful on your road to spiritual evolution. Religion is not bad, I just feel we need to embrace the good and discard the unnecessary – you have that right and no one has the authority to tell you differently – not even the Pope!

In a sometimes chaotic world, it is easy to forget that each of us alone holds the key to happiness and enlightenment. Unless you have experienced a spiritual awakening, everything you have learned about God and faith was from your mentors and social immersion. This is fine as children but as we grow and mature into adult’s; self-discovery becomes a primary necessity to spiritual evolution. It is up to you to connect to the sublime and grow and prosper spiritually. If you feel stagnant in your energy and faith in God then you should take a hard look at where your belief is anchored and make some positive changes that will re-ignite your conviction. Having a connection to the Universe is important – It does not matter whether it is through Jesus or simply as an agnostic. There are many roads to God and enlightenment. For me, Buddhism resonates well but I take what I need from it and I find the rest of my spiritual energy is found within.

I have always contended that Jesus was an amazing man with amazing gifts. I can even argue that the message of Jesus was more eastern influenced (before Constantine got a hold of it).  After years of manipulation, translation and rewriting, modern Christians are handed this book and expected to believe all of its contents? There is this element of fear interwoven into most contemporary religion that feeds our egos. This is when fundamental problems arise – we should never fear God or the Universe. We should never fear death or losing our soul – such trappings go against the fabric of energy and love. Fear is not Jesus; Fear is religion fighting to stay in power.

There is nothing wrong with believing in the teachings of Jesus as long as you came to this belief system on your own accord. Once we re-evaluate our childhood beliefs and re-affirm them as valid we can move on with confidence. Discard what you feel is not connected to your True Nature – embrace what feels right and is contributing to your spiritual evolution. There is nothing wrong with believing in Jesus or finding inspiration in Church or the Bible. The key is to be mindful; follow your intuition and energy. Strip down that ego and take heed to your heart wish – this is your connection with God. If you have to serve your heart wish with blind faith then there is something wrong. If you are held prisoner to dogma or fear of hell and the devil then there is something wrong. Live with compassion always in your heart and you will make a meaningful connection.

John C. Bader

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