What defines mid-life? I am in my early 40s now (thought that was mid-life)  – bye bye 30s and I can barely remember my 20s – that was a long time ago…

Well, it seems the new middle age is 50 which is good news for us 40 year olds. A recent study in Britain concluded that people in their fifties that have a decent and dependent pool of friends to socialize with are happier and theoretically will live longer. This is definitely the case with women. Further, men that have a strong bond with family in their fifties also enjoy significant psychological well-being.  I guess we are social animals after all.

The study also concluded that less educated men were more likely to have a larger social network of friends. For women, it is the opposite. Also, being single was associated with a small pool of social interaction. I have read on numerous occasions that being married and or enjoying a quality of cohabitation improves life and happiness. This article seems to reinforce that as well.

Well, there you go – the next time you are invited to go out and you just want to stay home and watch TV in your PJ’s – remember, social animals live longer!

John C. Bader