This image has gone viral recently and even Richard Smith of the Motley Fool has chimed in on the debate. The controversy stems around the fact that the IRS here in the United States is missing out on an estimated 71 BILLION in taxes – being that religious organizations are tax exempt in the USA.

Well, let’s face it; our whole tax system is screwed up. I pay over 20% in taxes as a middle class citizen and rich guys like Mitt Romney pay less than 15% – go figure… I guess it can be debated either way depending on your political affiliation. Anyway….

…and don’t get me started on Religion and how it has suppressed technology since the fall of the Roman Empire. After all, it was only in the 1980s that Pope John Paul finally admonished Galileo for his theory that the Earth is not the center of the Universe – that’s another blog and another time.

I guess my point is this – there is a lot of space outside of Earth’s orbit and our future is not on this planet but out among the stars. Do you really think Earth is going to be able sustain us in 500 years? How about 1000 years? Not at the pace of destruction we are waging on mother earth… Space exploration is important and we are way behind the eight ball when it comes to recent advances. Here we are living in a self-gratified world fighting over fossil fuels when we should be coming together as a planet with one mutually beneficial goal to evolve as a globe and not as the fractured world we are now.

Fat chance huh?

Well then the least we could do is tax churches – As far as I am concerned, they owe us big!

John C. Bader