Take the One Week Responsive Universe Challenge – as seen on MindBodyGreen!


That is the main premise of my recent book, the Responsive Universe – Meditations and Daily Life Practices: To challenge yourself!

This does not necessary mean to run a marathon today or swim across Lake Michigan (though both are worthy but extreme challenges). The Responsive Universe is about making “small” palatable changes in your life – small shifts in your perspective that inch you away from ego and this reflection of your false-self to something more authentic: The true, unadulterated you!  When we look around us, it seems most people are walking down hill – taking the easy way out when in order to evolve socially and spiritually you need to challenge yourself and walk up hill. At first walking up hill might seem strenuous (and your ego will fight you tooth and nail) but soon, much like exercise, you will be conditioned to walk up hill and this new direction in life will settle into the ordinary. Yet the definition of ordinary has changed. It is not just ordinary, it is betterment. The difference is you will now be making new, positive, self-directed changes in your life.

Living in a Responsive Universe is not easy. There is no magic pill or prayer that is going to save you. There is no blind faith or promised road of salvation. The Responsive Universe is about action: In a quantum Universe of actions and reactions every positive action you make will return in some form – the Universe will respond! You can read my book five times, but if you do not put the humble wisdom to work what is the point? We have to act in order to create ripples of positivity within this world. What happens when you throw a stone into a calm pond? The ripples of action reverberate out. What happens when those ripples reach the edge of the pond? Do they die out? On the contrary, they ripple back to the source – to you! That is the premise of this Responsive Universe One Week Challenge: Starting Tuesday, let’s join together and makes some small but important changes to our ordinary life styles. Lets join together and create some positive ripples in our life that will return back as positivity! Lets evolve together!

In my recent MindBodyGreen article, I give some good suggestions for next week. They include incorporating more exercise with a healthier diet; being more mindful and compassionate. All I ask is that you promise yourself to make some small subtle changes to your life this week and then be mindful of the results. Do you feel more empowered? Do you have more energy and confidence? Are you more centered in life?  If so, then never look back on your ordinary life – Look forward to a life of betterment where within the Responsive Universe anything is possible.

Please feel free to post and share your progress here on wordpress or on any of these social networking sites – we are in this together! Good luck and best wishes!

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John C. Bader