Welcome to the One Week Responsive Universe Challenge – as seen on MindBodyGreen!


Let’s begin this week by being mindful – especially in the workplace:

So, maybe it is another stressful day in the office. So many of us take breaks from the stress and monotony of work to check personal email; maybe surf the internet or perhaps head to the break room for a snack? But is that really a break? Maybe some of you work so hard you forget to take breaks – the day travels by fast and furious and before you know it, it’s time to go home and the in box is still full!

If this sounds familiar I have a great “daily life practice” for you. Try and incorporate “mindful gaps” in your day, even at work.

Mindful gaps?

Yes, we need gaps in our daily life to break up the controlled chaos that surrounds us and the incessant thoughts that stream through our heads. We need to create gaps in our thoughts that allow us to find some awareness of the present which is sandwiched between thoughts of the past and future – our ego faculties that are rooted many times in fear and fantasy. We need to create gaps between mental intent and physical action so that we do not react blindly in times of conflict and panic; especially in the career world.

And, we need to create gaps in our work day. For example, I just stepped outside of the office a minute ago and this is what I experienced:

A cool summer morning outside work; the wind was calm, the sun was out and there were a handful of solitary clouds drifting by. I noticed the leaves beginning to turn to the colors of fall  and the sound of birds frolicking around and about. In the far off distance, the sound of a lawn mower. I felt the cool sensation of a calm breeze against my face as the maturing sun warms me from the east. The smell of autumn was in the air – crisp and earthy. I breathed in deeply – inhaling positivity and exhaled the stress and negativity of the work day. For a moment, I felt present, centered and content. I experienced all of this in less than a minute. My mindfulness created a gap in what was a busy day. I am now refreshed, aware, cognitive and creative enough to continue on with my day.

Gaps are important. Even a split second of ill-fated intention can create negative actions and karma. Further, spending a minute finding your center several times a day at work is crucial to wellness and happiness. A couple of minutes out of your day is well worth the trouble. Try and incorporate this type of mental exercise or meditation several times a day and things will look lighter and brighter during the work day.

Challenge yourself to be more mindful this week!

John C. Bader


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