This week was the Responsive Universe One Week Wellness Challenge – as seen on MindBodyGreen.

There was a deeper focus to this challenge that transcends eating better, exercising more and being more mindful. I get comments and posts across my blog, twitter and Facebook about people who have the genuine urge to be happier but they do not know where to start. From the letters and comments it is clear that some of you feel trapped and that digging out of the rut you are in may seem impossible. A lot of us are still struggling with the economy; many just can’t find the will power to push forward. As we all know, the ego is a very strong entity in our lives and it is a specialist in the business of mediocrity.

I know how hard it can be to dig out of depression or mediocrity. I have been there before! But who wants to be just mediocre? The point of this weekly challenge was to simply start small and build a small foundation of positivity. I asked for you to change one food item and or drink in your everyday diet to something that is a little healthier.  I bought more organic groceries this week and chose more meatless options. I vowed to do yoga with my wife and I am doing my best to practice what I preach – it is not easy.

You can start this challenge anytime – are you ready to be happier?

Still, all we are looking for are small victories; small shifts in our lifestyle that lead us away from our ego and mediocrity to a more authentic existence. For those of you that feel hopeless and helpless, start small and take your time.  Find your empowerment in places you may have overlooked. Make a promise to yourself to be happier and more mindful. There is an energy in your heart that can not be buried forever. Love and wisdom will find you (its in you!) – you just need to be aware and have the space for this energy to arise from within. Be diligent and focused and I promise you every positive action you create will return to the source.

Best of luck and all the energy and bliss the Universe can offer…

John C. Bader